Q. What is Wet waste & what do i do with it?
All eatables like vegetables, fruits, leaves, flowers, veg and non-veg items , leftover foods , household sweepings are wet waste. Every day you should collect it in a waste bin directly, without putting it into a plastic cover. This will be carried out daily by the house keeping guys.

Q. It’s going to be yucky; if not in a plastic bag .My wet waste bin will be dirty all the time. I dont want to do it that way.
If you don't want to do it, nobody else wants to do it as well. What you can do is put a paper bag/newspaper in your wet waste bin to save your bin from getting dirty. Still you should wash your west waste bin daily.

Q. What if i am not at home at the time of wet garbage collection?
You can procure a bin with a lid and keep this covered bin outside your home. It will be carried by Housekeeping guys, however if the same does not meet the wet waste requirements (if it’s mixed with dry or other waste, if it is kept in plastic bag etc), it will not be carried by them.
Alternatively you can yourself put this waste in Wet waste collecting units kept in stilt of each building, before you leave for your office or after you come back from office.

Q.What does BBMP do with wet waste?
They will take the wet waste to compost units and convert it into some kind of gas / manure.

Q.What is dry waste?
All paper, plastic items, wood, rubber m leather, thermocol etc are a referred to as dry waste. Since plastic is also a dry waste, you can collect all these items in a plastic bag and store in your home. It will be taken out by House Keeping guys once in a week i.e. Sunday. In future depending on the volume we may increase the frequency to two days a week.

Q.Where is dry waste stored in Golden Blossom?
Currently we don't have a huge waste bin for storing dry waste. It will be carried from your homes and sent out of Golden Blossom the same day. We plan to procure a huge storage bin to store dry waste.

Q.What does BBMP do with dry waste?
They will recycle it.

Q.What is inert waste & what do i do with it?
Inert waste is waste which is neither chemically or biologically reactive and will not decompose. Examples of this are sand, drywall, and concrete. People who are doing some civil work inside their homes should retain this waste and dispose it off along with dry waste or if the quantity is large they can call up BBMP helpline to carry it away on chargeable basis.

Q.What is infectious waste & what do i do with it?
Sanitary napkins, Baby diapers, Bandages, cotton etc is considered as infectious waste. You should wrap it in a newspaper or put it in a paper bag and hand it over to House Keeping guys every day. You should not mix it with Wet waste as both are carried out daily.

Q.What is hazardous waste & what do i do with it?
Bulbs, batteries, paints, oils, discarded medicines, injections, computer / electronic waste are all hazardous waste. You should retain this waste inside your houses in bags, cartons etc until it is collected, once in a fortnight or month. We plan to have a few containers around the campus where this waste can be disposed.

Q.What waste will be carried out by housekeeping staff daily /weekly?
·         Wet waste will be taken out by housekeeping staff daily.

·         Infectious waste will be carried out by housekeeping staff daily.

·         Dry waste would be taken out by housekeeping staff on weekly basis.

Q.How many bins do i need?
You can have bins for each kind of waste, but Its only mandatory to have a Bin with a lid for wet waste if you are working and not available at the times when garbage is lifted from the buildings. For other kind of waste you can use Plastic bags (dry waste) cartons, paper bags etc.

Q. What do i do with milk packets, curd packets, covers in which we buy meat etc?
These are all a part of dry waste. You should wash them after they get empty and store them in your dry waste bin/bag, which will be carried out by Housekeeping guys weekly.

Q.What if i just keep the wet waste only in a plastic bag outside my house.
It will not be carried and will remain outside your house as it is.

Q. How is all the garbage taken out of Golden Blossom?
BBMP will carry out the wet waste daily in their tractors after the Apartment bins are emptied into them. Similarly they will carry the dry waste / etc weekly.

Q.Is there a cost involved right now for carrying out the wet waste or dry waste etc?
Currently as per the notification, BBMP will not be charging the apartment complexes for carrying out the wet waste. However after 2 months, they will charge 1 rupee, per kg to carry out the wet waste. Dry waste and other waste would be carried normally.

Q.How much garbage does Golden Blossom generate daily?
Every building in Golden Blossom generates minimum 280 kg / litres. But this is mixed garbage i.e. Dry / Wet etc. Conservative estimates would be 140 kg/litres of wet waste per building. Which means for the whole of golden blossom it would be around 1000-1200 kg/litres per day. After two months it will be charged by BBMP at 1 rupee per kg/litres per day. Means 1200 rupees per day i.e. 36000 rupees per month.

Q.What does composting mean?
Composting means a controlled process involving microbial decomposition of organic matter; for conversion of bio-degradable Wet waste into compost.

Q.Why don't we compost all the wet waste?
Right now we do not have a big enough place to do composting for organic composting. Mechanical compost units are an option, but they are hugely expensive and for an apartment of our size we need something very big. However we will explore and update every one whether we will compost or start paying BBMP for carrying wet waste after 2 months. It will be a decision which will be taken on the basis of cost , availability of space and other things involved.

Q. What is BBMP control room number ?

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